The Urgency Is Now

fund data 2013 There is a 47 lot housing development currently proposed for this property.

Every dollar that is contributed to goes directly towards saving the Amazon Creek Headwaters. We believe that the threatened property could be purchased for $1 million. To date we have raised $58,476. We have expenses and administration volunteers that have taken on many duties. This leaves us with a considerable challenge to achieve the funds needed for the purchase.

The donation that you make will help purchase this property to prevent future development while protecting this irreplaceable natural resource area for public enjoyment and future generations.

Once this land is gone, there is no replacing it.

Every Dollar Counts

GOAL for 2024 $100,000
RAISED $58,476
last updated December 2019

$1 million will be needed to purchase the property and Save Amazon Creek Headwaters

May be mailed to:
Be Noble Foundation
4990 W. Hillside Drive
Eugene, OR 97405

Donations And Fundraising

You can pledge your support with an online donation right now. Your contribution will help protect the Amazon Creek Headwaters.

The Be Noble Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Be-Noble received tax exempt status from the IRS retroactive to the application date of Oct. 16, 2012. Our Federal Tax ID number for reporting non-profit contributions is EIN# 46-0923906.

All Donations are Tax Deductible under Section 501(c)(3)of the IRS Code

Noble Amazon Headwaters Project

A community effort is underway to protect the headwaters of Amazon Creek and 26 acres of the natural sloping woodland area that serve to shelter and filter the springs and rivulets that issue from it. Three main branches of the Amazon Creek system are encompassed by the property. Understory plants cloak evidence of occasional landslides in this wetland environment. Mature trees, including black cottonwood, big-leaf maple, Oregon ash, willow, and a few ponderosa pine, contribute to the forest habitat of birds, aquatic creatures, small mammals and deer.
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